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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority

Want to know what materials your town collects for recycling? If you have any questions, be sure to call your town's trash and recycling office or click on your town's name for a link to your public works Web site for more information.

To prepare items for recycling:

  • Place newspapers in a brown paper shopping bag or tie them in a bundle with cotton or fiber twine.
  • If your town collects mixed paper -- such as junk mail, computer printer paper, magazines and catalogs -- simply place that material in the bag or bundle with your newspapers. Punch out clear plastic or glassine windows from envelopes. Shred any paper with personal information such as your name, account numbers, date of birth or other information to prevent identity theft.
  • If you have single-stream recycling (call your town or hauler to find out), there's no need to separate and bundle paper and cardboard -- just place them in your recycling bin or barrel with your cans, bottles and other recyclables.
  • Rinse aseptic packages such as juice boxes and milk cartons and remove straws if any.
  • Cut corrugated cardboard into small sections and bundle with cotton or fiber twine.
  • Rinse glass, aluminum, steel and plastic cans, jars, bottles and food trays. Labels don't need to be removed.
  • Don't forget to redeem deposit bottles and cans!

What does your town recycle? Find your town's name below:

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