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Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority

CRRA restructured and secured the Mid-Connecticut Project’s economics in the wake of the Enron bankruptcy. Through its financial mitigation plan, CRRA assured that the Mid-Connecticut Project continued to provide reliable solid waste and recycling services at prices equal to or below those charged by private-sector companies. Briefly, the financial mitigation plan included

  • aggressive cost cutting,
  • revenue enhancements,
  • pursuit of legal settlements and
  • borrowing to bridge gaps.

Further, CRRA's sale of its Enron bankruptcy claim -- for which CRRA has received $111 million -- helped ensure stable disposal fees for years. On this summary of Mid-Connecticut Project finances, you'll see a chart showing how consistent the Project's disposal fees have been over the last several years.

The municipal service agreements (MSAs) between participating cities and towns and the Mid-Connecticut Project expire in 2012. CRRA is offering a menu of renewal options that provide varying levels of commitments, services and pricing structures.

CRRA also worked with the Mid-Connecticut Project Special Committee to study future disposal options, including new technology, for the 70 Project cities and towns and, indeed, the entire state.

CRRA recognizes that Connecticut’s cities and towns will continue to need to dispose of their waste, and we want to make sure the people of Connecticut have reliable, affordable, environmentally sound ways to do so.

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